In English – 1

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It’s first note, so it may be boring, but I don’t care, I only write this shit, you’re reading now, so it’s your trouble 😉

I decided to wrote in English language because of… training, training before „Matura” exam, only one year left! 😦 I started thinking about English language (as a foreign language to choose) (in Matura) in last year. I’ve passed all required exams to join „more advanced” ” the most fckin ownage group in school”. Earlier I learnt German language. I find it so boooooring. But German is funny language. I learn this language about ten year, but… I can’t say/write longer sentences than „Ich heisse Grzesiek, ich bin 18 Jahres alt” („My name is Grzesiek, I’m 18)…
So, I want to sorry about future and present mistakes. So sorry ;]

„Życie” („Life”) category is sprouting up now. In future I want to wrote, at least, one time per week, maybe often. But not now.
I have to arrange some things in my life. My first thing to do is… to stop be one of pesky guys. I want to make me more sensitive 😉
Huh… I feel it will be so hard ;]
The second thing I want, and I have to do is to think over religion. Now, this sphere in my life doesn’t exist. But it doesn’t disturbing me.
The MOST IMPORTANT is to completely eliminate my shyness. I have to spend more time with other people. Loneliness
isn’t for me, I’m social „creature” 🙂 Shyness „sux dixorz hard”… it’s craziness!

Here I can write all, all things I want. But I don’t want. If I’ll want, I’ll say you more about my troubles.


P.S: Pablo’s Neruda poem worth a Read.
That’s my situation, It will be better, it must be…
I don’t believe.


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Komentarze 4 to “In English – 1”

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„sux dixorz hard”. Yeah loliness is such a bad shit. I remember myself half year ago when i was doing everything not to sit at home and getting bored.

Remember action „Seventeen Corleone”, going to the cinema every weekend all just to fill the time with people 😀

Train to gain skill. Matura is easy.


Jak ja sam nie wiedziałem, ze Corleone nie ma… to straszne.

„more advanced” ??
I think u should tell:” the most fckin ownage group in school” xD
But seriously u should write only in english.
(I understand more in english than in polish) :S

Corrected, thanks 🙂

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